Retainer Color/Designs
Indentured Colors
Tropical Tones/Neons
Custom Designs

List of Appliances
Hawley Retainers
Spring Aligners
Fixed Appliances

List of Appliances

Hawley Retainers
Upper Circumferential
Lower San Antonio
Spring Aligners
Upper 3-3 Modified Upper
Upper 4-4 Modified Lower
Lower 3-3 Resetting teeth (per tooth)
Lower 4-4 Mushroom/Modified Design
Anchor Clasp Stabilizer Wire (Coil)
Delta Clasp Molar Rest
Sage Clasps (2) Upper Acrylic Plate
Ball Clasp Lower Acrylic Plate
Adams Clasp Bite Plate Added to Appliance
“C” Clasp Neon Colored/Sparkle Acrylic/Tropical Colors
Arrow Clasp Plastic Pontic
Distal/Lateral/Spurs (2) Expansion Screw
“S” Spring Brackets/Bands Removed Per Tooth
Finger Spring Acrylic Saddle
Single Helix Coil Design Clear/Pink/Standard Colors
Lower Continuous Lingual Wire w/Rests Decal Added to Appliance
Lower Reinforcing Wire Anterior Acrylic 2-2/3-3
Tongue Guard Added to Appliance Flatbow Wire
Solder Joint  
Fixed Appliances
Space Maintainer (Band Supplied by Dentist) Lingual Arch 6-6
Nance Holding Appliance Vertical Tongue Guard
Bite Plate (Fixed) Blue Grass
Palatal Bar (Fixed)  
“W” Arch Schwartz Appliance
Rapid Palatal Expander (Fixed) ACCO Appliance
Quad Helix Sagittal
Flat Plane Occlusal Splint
Bleaching Tray
TMJ Splint Essix
Perio Stent Flipper
Pedo Partial  

Please ask if you don’t see an appliance listed.

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